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Charlene Janz - Anacortes RealtorCharlene Talbert-Janz is a lifelong resident of Anacortes and successful small business owner since 1990. She has been around construction her entire life and together with her husband, another lifelong resident, they built their family home. They have two children and their family enjoys camping and traveling. The diversity among the Northwest offers many different opportunities just outside our door. Charlene can offer you knowledgeable and professional service in and around Anacortes and the surrounding area. She looks forward to ensuring to meet your real estate goals with honesty and integrity. Who I Am...

"I am just a local girl who was born and raised in Anacortes. I attended school in the local school district and graduated from Anacortes High School in 1987.

As a teenager I worked at a lot of the local small businesses including KFC, which ironically is where the new American Dream Real Estate building stands today on the corner of 12th and Commercial.

When I became a single mom at 20 yrs old, I decided to start a small business that allowed me to spend as much time as possible with my son. With a lot of hard work and determination my business flourished and made it easier for me to be a single parent. My son is now 20 yrs old and still lives here in Anacortes.

In 1994 I decided to try something new. I enrolled in school and planned on becoming a dental assistant. I graduated at the end of 1995 with a job at a local dental clinic already lined up. I hate to admit it but after just a few months in the clinic I began to realize that it wasn’t what I really wanted to do with my life. Not sure of what to do next, I went back to running my business.

When I was 30 I met my current husband and we were married 3 yrs later, we now have a beautiful daughter that is now almost seven. When our daughter started school, I decided to do what I had always really wanted to do and become a real estate agent. Having grown up in a family of builders with my husband also working in construction, I started the courses and studied every free moment I had. I am now a licensed real estate agent in Washington State, and I really love what I am doing.

As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to become an adult to..(As they say) get off this island. Now, I couldn’t imagine living any where else, where are you going to find this natural beauty, and a wonderful community like this. "

~Charlene Talbert-Janz


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